Wooden houses the key – the use of wooden bricks

Modern technologies of modern times do not have the tendency to stagnation, and therefore it is a constant dynamic development. The result of this movement is quite new and streamlined ways to build a comfortable stay for the person. One of these innovations – is the use of wooden bricks in the construction of a suburban cottage designs. The unusually high popularity of wood made to rank the inherent properties of this material, special, allowing the walls to pass the required number of air and a positive impact on the human body as a whole. Wood made bricks used in the construction of inner and outer walls of wooden houses, as well as used for the construction of exterior and interior bearing walls. Wooden houses are the key – this kind of buildings categorized as a specific type of housing, construction of which is common to use only proven and well-dried wood. During the construction of suburban housing should first think carefully about the most suitable place for the project, which is necessary to consider the whole range of materials used. So often used by developers of machine rounded timbers added to the rather expensive building materials. Therefore, wooden bricks profitable gain on their background. Used in the construction of timber can always jump in price when the need for well-dried brusa. Pri using wooden bricks can be obtained only well dried wood, which is achieved by using special technology. Here we propose to use the almost complete removal of moisture from the wood. Due to the small size, inherent in wooden bricks, it is possible to cover the amount of used wood as a whole, while the wood is preserved by the deformation. Wooden bricks represented a kind of solid wooden beam, the four sides of which are on the perimeter of the castle, through which you can bind the bricks together. Individual bricks can be so tight seal at the expense of the castle, which in the course of erection activities will not have to use additional sealants or sealants. Wooden houses turnkey construction in the quality of which were used for the unique properties and composition of wooden bricks, have not windswept walls. The processing of wood involves the use of careful sanding, which, after laying brick walls of the timber allows you to get almost finished flat surface decorated with the highest quality.


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